Serving People Globally - Company Message
Care and Relief Foundation begin in 2012. Principle aim of this foundation is to serve those in difficulty, hardship and to help the poor and the orphans and those without hope. It is not restricted to any area, to any religion or to any sect, without discrimination it supports anyone.
Care and Relief Foundation current projects include,
Saya Chaader Tahteer (ShaadiProject)
Rozgar Scheme
Langr-e-Hussaini - Langr-e-Hussaini has been built based upon this following verse of the Holy Quran “And they give food for the love of Him, to the poor, the orphan and the captive”.
The reason for the revelation of this verse is Hazrat Ali (May Allah Most High  Pleased with Him), Hazrat Fatima (May the Peace of Allah Most High Be upon Her). The Noble Hussain become sick and an oath was taken of keeping three fasts upon their good health. When Allah Most High gave them good health the fulfilment of the oath becomes necessary.  All kept fasts and Hazrat Ali(May Allah Most High Be Pleased with Him) who bought three measures of barley from a Jewish man. Hazrat Fatima (May the Peace of Allah Most High Be upon Her)cooked one measure on each of three day except when the two came to place the bread in front of them, a poor person an orphan and a captive man came to the door on each day. On each day bread was given to them and with only water they broke their fast and keep fast the next day.
Come let’s gain further prayers by donating £50.00 per month and£600.00 per year.

Sabeel-e- Hussaini - Water is agreat mercy from the mercies of Allah Most High.  Everything was given life from water.  It is for this reason that the Noble Quran has said in Surah Anbiya Verse No. 30 and “We made from water every living thing”.
.The Noble Hadith has mentioned “a grand reward for those that give to drink and have severely warned against stopping people from drinking”.
A narration in Sunna Abu Dawood tells us that the Beloved Peace Be upon Him was asked Oh Prophet of Allah MostHigh (Peace Be upon You) what is that thing of which stopping is forbidden. “He Peace Be upon Him replied water” (Abu Dawood, Book of Zakat, chapter on what is not permitted stopping it).

Shaadi Project - In this project we have provided financial support to help people get married especially to orphan, very poor people and widows.Above mentioned project we have helped 20 couples to get married.  we provided dowry including furniture, washing machines and other expenses toward marriage. 

Rozgar Scheme -To help them to help themselves.  In rozgar scheme we have provided financial support to the poor people to earn livelihood. i.e to set a business, training and services. we have also provided juice making machines and sewing machines.In this project we have donated a fruit juice making machine and 18 sewing machines to the 19 families to earn their livelihood.